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Kybella Treatments

What is Kybella used for?

Introducing Kybella the newest FDA approved drug to permanently dissolve submental or extra fat under the chin. Kybella provides a non surgical lift quickly with minimal downtime. Previously the only option was liposuction surgery. Now you can avoid the negative effects of anesthesia, downtime, scarring and painful recovery. There’s no downtime with this non invasive procedure and you can resume your daily life immediately after. You can achieve the facial shape you have always desired and improve your self esteem.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella is deoxycholic acid it dissolves dietary fat that accumulates under the chin. Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally in your body and help metabolize fat similar to Kybella. Kybella will improve your profile and decrease the fat under the chin.

How long does the Kybella treatment take?

We will ice your skin prior to injection and mark your skin. The injections take less than 20 minutes.

Is Kybella painful?The injections are completed by a very fine needle and create minimal discomfort. Swelling is common a few days after the procedure.

How many sessions of Kybella is required to see results?

We recommend at least two treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. We can customize your plan during the free consultation.

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Where is Kybella used?

We have successfully injected Kybella in other areas of the body to dissolve fat. For example, Kybella is used to dissolve fat around the bra line. Kybella is used to dissolve stubborn fat in the abdomen that is resistant to exercise. Kybella is injected in to the arm area with excessive fat. We can provide a full evaluation to see if Kybella is right for other areas.

How long will the results last?

Results are permanent! So Kybella is a great non surgical alternative.

Kybella Treatment – What to Expect During and After

Are you familiar with Kybella? How about Liposuction or Botox?

Kybella is another cosmetic procedure just like Botox and liposuction that could help you achieve a more beautiful and younger looking appearance and body.

Kybella treatment option is fairly simple. After your provider tells you that you are an excellent candidate, they are going to probably ice or numb the area a little bit before the therapy. Kybella comes with a little-dotted grid to mark the treatment spots, which your provider will apply to your under-chin region, tagging the safe regions to be treated, before injecting the treatment. Some clients might feel a slight burning feeling. However, it is short-term. The whole procedure will likely take below an hour or so.

For Kybella treatment in Austin

Many individuals discover the healing process can include things like a few after-effects like swelling, bruising, or the even having a bullfrog neck.

Nearly all patients encounter inflammation which will last about a week, however even at a couple of days many individuals do not see the inflammation. But Kybella is not a lunchtime treatment like Botox. It’s not even something you want to have undertaken before a big occasion.  At Flawless Fillers Medispa we suggest the following during and after the Kybella Treatment in our Austin Office:

  • Schedule the treatment method before a weekend break, when you can rest low.
  • Fall or winter season might be best for timing. For those who have to swell, you can easily hide this with a scarf or use something like a turtleneck clothing.
  • Avoid salt or alcoholic beverages days before the treatment after the treatment to help minimize inflammation results. Make sure that you’re well hydrated.
  • Ice the location on/off for first few hours after the treatment.

After a Kybella treatment

The first swelling should clearly subside within just 48 hours but may last as long as a couple of weeks. Some individuals also encounter a jelly-like sensation towards the area or a firmness for a couple of weeks. This is all typical and indications that the treatment is performing well to your body. It will take up to six weeks to notice the final results, at which period your provider will see whether you need additional treatment. Most people require two to four Kybella treatments to accomplish the results they gotta have. A lot of patients have found that the negative effects decrease with succeeding treatments, or if there is much less fat to eliminate, you will see fewer swelling.

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