Botox: Fact vs. Fiction

Myth 1: “Botox is dangerous”

Fact: Botox has a great safety record.

The founders of Botox, Drs. Caruthers, have been using Botox for treatment of facial lines since 1987. They proved that no long-term side effects were seen with continual Botox injections, even among patients who received 30 injection sessions over a nine-year period!

In fact, because Botox relaxes the muscles, it is also effective for a range of other medical disorders such as migraine headaches, back pain, spastic limbs due to stroke, cerebral palsy, writer’s cramp, tic disorders, hand tremors, vocal cord disorders, excessive underarm sweating and is currently under study for many other medical indications.

Myth 2: “Botox will cause a frozen face with no facial expressions”

Fact: Botox can give you a naturally youthful appearance

If too much Botox is injected at one time, one can lose the action of muscles such as expression. On the other hand, if this muscular equilibrium is preserved, by only injecting small doses into specific muscles, one can have a natural softening of unwanted lines and wrinkles without losing facial expressions.

Myth 3: “Botox will poison my body”

Fact: Like any other medication, Botox is absolutely safe with proper dosing

For cosmetic use, the typical patient receives an average of 20-70 units of Botox per treatment. The injections will gradually take effect over a week or two. Over time, the body gets rid of the injected Botox. This is why the effects of Botox are temporary. As with every medication, extreme amounts can be unsafe

Myth 4: “I am afraid of painful injections”

Fact: Botox injections are nearly painless

Botox injections involve a few tiny shots that require no anesthesia. However, the attentive Botox Specialists at Botox will provide an anesthetic cream or ice pack before your treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. Discuss your concerns with our specialists in San Francisco.

Myth 5: ” Botox treatments can cause droopy eyelids”

Fact: Droopy eyelids is a rare side effect

If your Botox treatment is given properly, the risk of suffering from droopy eyelids is less than 2%. Like any side effect, the condition is brief and resolves itself shortly. Choose an experienced medical professional for your Botox treatment to plan a specific treatment that will decrease any chances of these side effects. Each treatment must be carefully planned and assessed for each patient individually.

But how about all those articles I see about Botox gone wrong?

I hear this worry a lot, and I know where you’re coming from. I see those tabloid articles too! But let’s be honest—who should you listen to, a magazine you see in the supermarket aisle or a doctor who has performed this procedure hundreds of times, all with great results? Journalists are often so desperate for a good story, especially for those types of publications, that they take advantage of bad lighting and bad makeup to build propaganda slamming Botox. Botox works for the stars, and it can work for you. I have to sign confidentiality agreements when I perform any plastic surgery on famous people, but I can assure you that they use my services as well. And you know why? Because skillful surgeons can perform these injections safely and with such precise accuracy that your youthful look will be restored even though few people will be able to tell. So don’t worry about ending up like one of those “bad Botox” pictures, because they’re not real!

Is it too much to call Botox a miracle treatment?

You tell me. Women walk in with crow’s feet, laugh lines, frown lines, forehead wrinkles—signs of a life well-lived. They walk out, after a series of a few easy, painless injections, new people. They have had the same experiences but without the unsightly lines that result. These women look younger, look less tired—and what happens then? They look happier. So yes, Botox just removes your lines and gives you a smooth, beautiful face, but in my experience, it also puts a smile on that face. I have helped hundreds of women make this decision, and not a single one has ever regretted the small cost and time commitment. I understand that there are many common questions, and I’ll try to answer some of them here.