Austin Botox Parties

Gather some of your 20 closest friends and create a Botox Party. Crystal can come to your location and take care of the entire party. Up to 20 is the maximum. She can administer Botox injections, B-12 shots, and dermal fillers. She can also do chemical peels. When you host a Botox party – the host will receive a discount.

Botox Parties:

Botox Injections: BOTOX® cosmetic freezes muscles in the face and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Looking your best doesn’t always require going under the knife.

Dermal Fillers: They bring life to sagging faces and wrinkled lines by injecting liquid. With Dermal Fillers you can now enjoy the benefits of having a face lift without going under the knife

Chemical Peel: The perfect dermal chemical peel targets sun spots, age spots, dull/aged complexion, active acne, acne scars, uneven pigmentation and large pores.

B-12 Shot: Tired of feeling sluggish during the day or want a boost on your weight lose journey?  A single B-12 shot has been said to be the perfect and natural solution to have you feeling refreshed and well rested for up to 2 weeks. Some of our clients have experienced: an increased metabolism, more energy, increase endurance during workouts, enhanced clarity during the workday, and if you are B12 deficient it is said to be very beneficial.

Be a Botox Party Host:

When you schedule a Botox party with minimum of 8 guest – you as a host will receive a discount. We will travel to your home or to a private party. So gather your closest friends and reserve your spot. When we arrive we will ensure each guest is comfortable and will answer any questions you may have about Botox, Dermal fillers, Chemical Peels and B-12.

Each Botox Guest Can Benefit

Each Guest can benefit from a B-12 shot plus any other procedure.

Botox Party Tips

As a host who has created a Botox party. We have a few times. We recommend avoiding alcohol at your party. Alcohol increases blood flow and causes skin to flush. This could have  adverse effects on Botox® treatments.  We also recommend no exercises or lying on your face 4 hours after most of the procedures.


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