All you need to know about Botox for your face


The effectiveness of the procedure has been proven over time. Flawless Austin Med Spa can take new patients and Botox Injections can be done in a matter of minutes. Please call to make an appointment.  For an appointment call Flawless Austin Med Spa at  (512) 686-6127


What are Austin Botox treatment?

As years go by, time takes a toll on your face and the signs of aging start becoming evident. Now, to maintain a desirable appearance, it is important to take action along with your daily regimen. When wrinkles start to appear there is a point that Austin Botox filler for face will help. In addition to keeping the face in shape and wrinkle free, the procedure also ensures that the toll on the face does not get out of hand. To start when Wrinkles first appear instead of when wrinkles have set in and harder to correct. In the event there are deep wrinkles – this would require additional procedures which could be expensive and more intensive. As a result, this procedure is recommended to all people who notice facial lines on their faces. The earlier this is done, the better.

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Quick and Beautiful Results with Botox

Botox is a simple quick way to get results you can see within days at a modest cost. Typically Botox is used to correct facial lines at and above the level of the eyes. Vertical lines between the eyebrows, for example, can be easily corrected with a few local injections and may be a good introduction to the use of Botox. From there, one could go on to injecting Botox higher on the forehead to correct horizontal lines and to injecting the corners of the eyes to decrease crow’s feet.

Botox can also be successfully used to arch the eyebrows, improve sagging corners of the lips, improve bunny lines around the mouth, and smooth out horizontal neck lines.

These procedures can be combined in different ways. Results last for several months and do require periodic reinjection to maintain the look. Or if you prefer to no longer work on one area of the face and to move on to another area, that can easily be done as the original area gradually returns to its pretreatment state.

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